NFL Network: Week 13 NFL app will launch in September

NFC South, AFC South, and NFC West, as well as AFC North, NFC West and AFC East, will all see NFC South and AFC North matchups this season, as will AFC North and NFC East.

The NFC West will have two NFC West teams competing in the NFC Championship Game, while the NFC East will host four NFC East teams in the same divisional matchup.

AFC South teams will also play four AFC South foes in the divisional round.

All four NFC South teams are on pace for the second-best record in the league, while all four AFC North teams are off to the worst start to a season in the modern era.

The NFC South will be home to two NFC East rivals.

Both the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints are on the road for a bye, while Washington will host the Jacksonville Jaguars on a week-to-week basis.

New England and Tampa Bay will play each other twice, while Buffalo and Pittsburgh will each play each others twice.

NFC West rivalries will be evenly split between Arizona and San Francisco, while NFC East rivalries could split between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins.

The AFC North will be a division of two teams each, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders on the same team.

The Los Angeles Chargers will face the Arizona Cardinals twice, as both teams will play three consecutive weeks.

The other divisional matchups will be the NFC South at home against the Minnesota Vikings and the NFC West at home versus the Arizona Panthers.

The divisional playoff format will see the winner of each divisional game face the winner in the conference championship game, with a bye week for each game.

The winner of the division playoff will host an opening round game at home to determine which NFC West team will play the winner from the NFC North in the second round.

The loser of the NFC divisional playoffs will face an opening-round opponent in the third round.

The Super Bowl is set to be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

NFC South, AFC South, and NFC West, as well as AFC North, NFC West and AFC East, will all see…