Why do iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 models have identical rear camera and front-facing camera specs?

Three years ago, the iPhone 6 was launched and it was one of the best selling phones ever.

It was a major step forward in terms of image quality and performance, and Apple made sure that it was able to deliver an amazing experience on the latest generation of iOS devices.

This year, Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 6 model has seen a massive overhaul in terms to the camera.

Its now a 5.5-inch iPhone with a 20MP sensor that can record 4K video at 60fps and 4K stills at 120fps.

This is more than enough to take high-quality photos and video.

The iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus models have had a similarly updated design and are now both 6.9mm thick, which is a much larger size than the iPhone 5s or 6.

The new iPhones are available in three different color options, and the 4K camera has been moved to the top.

While it may sound confusing, the new cameras are designed to work well together.

The cameras on the iPhone are so much better that they work in combination, and this is why they can take great photos and videos at a much higher resolution.

Here are the major differences between the new iPhones: iPhone 6S models: iPhone 5 models: The iPhone 5 was Apple’s first major upgrade to iOS devices, and it saw many improvements over the iPhone 4S and 4.

The design of the iPhone is so much nicer than the last iPhone, and there are many new features.

The most notable changes in the iPhone model number are the inclusion of a headphone jack on the front of the phone.

It now has a 3.5mm jack on both the front and back, which makes it easy to use headphones without worrying about interference from your speakers.

The phone now has NFC for easy pairing and charging, which allows you to make purchases with just a tap on the phone’s screen.

The 4.7-inch display of the 5s and 6s has also been moved from the top to the bottom.

The camera on the new iPhone models is also much better than the one on the 5.

The 5s has a 5MP sensor, which captures 1080p video at 30fps, while the 6s gets a new 12MP sensor.

Both cameras are capable of capturing HD video at 120Hz and 4k resolution.

The rear-facing iPhone 6 also has a new sensor, and a new lens for better depth of field.

The front-facing iPhone 6 now has an 8MP sensor and a wider angle lens.

The top iPhone 6 has a 9MP sensor which captures 720p video.

This camera has an aperture of f/2.0, which means that it is able to capture a wider range of colors and more detail than before.

The newer iPhone models also feature an improved Face ID fingerprint sensor, as well as a Face ID-capable fingerprint scanner.

The 6S model has a newer sensor, with a more powerful camera.

The larger camera is able be used for better selfies.

The iPhones have improved image stabilization, so you can take more selfies with the 6S.

The 8MP iPhone sensor has also improved, allowing it to capture even more details and better video.

There is also a new color option for the iPhone that has a slight tint to it.

This allows the phone to show a different color on the screen.

If you want to get more photos in a row, you can switch to the new 5MP iPhone 6.

iPhone 6+ models: You can now get the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models as well.

This iPhone is much larger and has an improved camera.

It has an even larger front camera, which can shoot at up to 8MP and a more advanced sensor.

The sensor has a higher megapixel count and can record 5K video.

It also has optical image stabilization (OIS) which means it can capture a clearer image when there is a movement in the frame.

The higher resolution and higher resolution video will allow you to capture more of the world around you, such as buildings, clouds, or objects.

The main differences between this new iPhone and the previous model are the addition of an improved rear camera, better battery life, and more connectivity options.

There are a few other minor changes, such a slightly larger screen, but this iPhone has a much bigger camera and a better camera that can take better pictures and videos.

iPhone 7 models: Apple has redesigned the iPhone and updated the camera with a larger 5MP, 4K sensor.

This new iPhone is slightly larger and more powerful than the previous models, and its larger sensor gives it a better dynamic range and a higher resolution of 4K.

The screen has also gotten bigger.

It is now 5.9 inches (diagonal) and the screen has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which should make it more comfortable for people who are taller or have a narrower range of vision.

The Apple iPhone 7

Three years ago, the iPhone 6 was launched and it was one of the best selling phones ever.It was a…

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