Google’s smartphone accessory has a ton of cool features, but the price tag could be too high

Google’s smartphones are selling at an eye-popping $999.99, which is not exactly a bargain for what you can get for your money.

However, there are a few features on the accessory that are worth mentioning, as they can help make your phone more enjoyable to use.1.

Android Wear EditionGoogle is also offering Android Wear, an Android smartphone accessory that is designed to be used with a smartwatch, so you can add Google Assistant on your watch and use your phone as a normal Android device.

It’s not as customizable as Android Wear does, but it does offer a few additional features that will make it a worthwhile purchase.1) Smartwatch compatibility with Google Assistant Google’s Assistant app is also supported with the Moto 360 smartwatch as well as the Moto X Style smartwatch.

This is great news if you want to add Google Home to your Android device and use it as a Google Assistant speaker, but you also can use it to use the Moto Assistant for the Moto Maker smartwatch (which also includes Google Home support).2.

The ability to set custom wake and sleep timesGoogle Assistant can wake up your Moto 360 or Moto X Smartwatch automatically and can also wake up the Moto Camera app if you have the Moto360 or MotoX smartwatch running the Android Wear watch app.

This feature is great for those who want to use their Android Wear smartwatch with their phone as the phone app, but want to wake up Google Assistant as well.3.

The Google Assistant voice assistant for Moto 360 and Moto X Watch This feature lets you ask Google Assistant to play music from your phone without using the MotoX or Moto360 smartwatch apps.

You can also ask Google Home for a music player or to open the Google Assistant app on your phone.4.

The Moto 360 watch faceGoogle Assistant will tell you the weather and make recommendations based on the weather.

It will also display a Google Maps map if you use the Google Maps app on the Moto x or Moto 360.5.

The smartwatch app that comes with Google HomeGoogle Assistant is available in the Google Home app on all Android devices.

If you have a Moto 360, Moto X, or Moto Maker, you can also install Google Assistant from within the Google app on those devices.

You’ll find the Google home button at the bottom right of the Google interface, and you’ll also find the option to install Google Home from within Android Wear.

If Google Home is installed, it will start downloading the Google Now app and Google Assistant.6.

The option to add your Moto X watch as a speakerGoogle Assistant offers the ability to add a speaker to your Moto x smartwatch if you’ve added Google Home or Google Assistant (the Moto X voice assistant app).

You’ll also need to connect the Moto watch to your phone with the Google speaker plug.7.

A Moto 360 app that makes it easier to control your smartwatchWith Google Assistant installed, you’ll be able to use your Moto phone to control the Moto app with the phone’s touchscreen.

You will also be able control your phone’s microphone using the voice assistant (you can turn the microphone off or mute it).

You can even adjust the vibration intensity by adjusting the vibration slider on the screen.8.

The support for Android Wear on Moto X and Moto 360 devicesThis is a big deal, because many smartwatches are powered by Android Wear and use the same hardware, so this will mean you can install Google Wear and Google Home apps on your smartwalls.

However if you already have a smart phone with Android Wear support, you’re free to install them without installing Google Assistant, but Google Assistant will be able connect to your smart phone, so your Moto smartwatch will use your Google account to access the Google Wear apps.9.

The “always-on” option for Android PayIf you’ve purchased a Moto X or Moto Smartwatch, you should have the option for your phone to turn on or off “always on” mode, which will give you access to the Moto Watch app on a connected device.10.

Google Assistant for Moto XWatchYou can use the Android Pay app on Google Watch to make payments.

You may also use it for Android Mail or Google Maps, though you’ll need to use Android Pay to do that.11.

Google Home and Google Now apps on the Google watchIf you’re on a Google watch with Android Pay support, this means that you can access the “Google Home” and “Google Now” apps from the Google Watch app.

You could also use the “Android Now” app on Android Wear to listen to music or check your calendar.12.

Google Pay integration on the Android watchIf a Google Pay payment has already been made, it’s not going to be displayed in your Moto watch app or notification area.

If there’s an Android Pay payment that you’ve made on a Moto watch, you will be prompted to “Pay Now” to accept that payment.13

Google’s smartphones are selling at an eye-popping $999.99, which is not exactly a bargain for what you can get for…