How to make a wearable for a barbie phone

Avaya and Barbie announced on Thursday that they would make wearable accessories for their popular Barbie phone, starting with the Bluetooth-powered “Barbie Love” barbie earphones. 

The company also said it would launch an accessory line that includes a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator and vibrator-like accessory called the “Bubble-Bubbles” for $49.

The company did not immediately say when it would start selling the devices. 

(Read: Barbie’s ‘bubble bubbles’ could be the future of wearable tech) The new line, which will include “beauty accessories” like earrings, earbuds and braids, will be available in “spring 2018,” Avaya said in a blog post announcing the announcement. 

“We’ve worked with the Barbie team to create an accessory that brings the Barbie Love experience to the home, while simultaneously offering a more wearable, fun and customizable experience for women,” said Avaya CEO Richard A. Miller.

“With the addition of Bluetooth and a unique and innovative wearable design, the Barbie love experience will continue to grow and evolve, and we look forward to expanding this offering as we move forward.”

“We are proud to be a part of this revolution, and can’t wait to share the new accessories with women and girls worldwide,” he added. 

Avaya has made a name for itself in the wearable tech space with its line of Bluetooth-equipped earbud earphones, earrings and braiding, and it has partnered with fashion houses including Valentino, Chanel and Gucci.

The wearable line will also be available with a barcode scanner for $69, Avaya announced on Twitter. 

Barbie’s wearable accessories have also made their way onto the App Store. 

Earlier this month, Avoya unveiled a new “babes” accessory line, a “Babes Love” line that included a vibrator, braids and earrings for $79.

It also unveiled the “Miley Cyrus” accessory, which included a pink earring and a “pink bubble” earring, and an “Angelina Jolie” “Babs Love” earrings. 

While the new “Bubbly” line is also on the App store, it will not include the Bluetooth earbubbles that were previously included with the accessories, Avayas Miller told Recode on Thursday. 

For Avaya, the “bubbly”-style accessories were a “unique and innovative” addition to the line, he said. 

Bubbles are small, high-tech earbudge plugs that can be attached to the earburs for “personalizeable” use.

The device can be placed on the ear, inserted into the ear canal and then attached to a vibrating earpiece, according to the company.

The “bubbly” earbune can also be inserted into other earbuses, but the vibrating one has to be removed. 

According to the blog post, the new line will be “available in spring 2018.” 

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Avaya and Barbie announced on Thursday that they would make wearable accessories for their popular Barbie phone, starting with the…

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