How to replace the iPhone X without breaking it

A friend who’s been a die-hard fan of Apple’s flagship phone has told Business Insider that the phone he owns may not be able to run the latest version of iOS.iPhone X (left) and iPhone XS (right) both have the same camera and audio codec, and both have an aluminum body.

However, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which both have a slightly bigger screen and an upgraded camera, both have their own custom firmware and will not work with older versions of iOS, said the friend, who asked to be identified by the pseudonym Jason.

Jason said he’s had a handful of phone replacements, including one from Apple in the past, but he was hesitant to buy an iPhone X because it didn’t come with the latest versions of the iPhone’s software.

Jason has been using an iPhone 8 for a month and a half, and he’s still getting used to the new iPhone 8.

However when he finally got the iPhone 7 Plus in early August, Jason said it’s the first time he’s actually upgraded to iOS 8, which is the latest software version of Apple devices.

He said he had hoped to use an iPhone 9 but it’s now in the hands of the people who are likely to buy the new iPhones in the coming months.

Jason was told by Apple that the latest iOS version doesn’t work with the older phones, and that the company will need to update the firmware on the phones to support the new versions.

He’s not sure what Apple’s plans are with the devices he has but he thinks he’ll have to wait until the phones are in stores to find out.iPhone 8, iPhone 8S, iPhone X, and iPhone SE, which are all rumored to be available in OctoberThe iPhone X is likely to be the first device Apple introduces with the new iOS 8 firmware.

It will likely be available from October 12, when it launches, and it will have the highest specs of any iPhone ever.

A friend who’s been a die-hard fan of Apple’s flagship phone has told Business Insider that the phone he owns…

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