What you need to know about the best smartphone case for iPhone 6S Plus

Apple is preparing to unveil the next iPhone model in early September, but its not clear what that means for the iPhone 6s Plus.

The company’s been teasing the device for a while now, but we’ve seen few renders and rumors for it, and now the company is making the announcement official.

We’ve seen the iPhone 5s and 5c with their aluminum bodies and glass backs, but no other iPhone 5 models with a plastic back.

According to a source close to Apple, the iPhone 8 will have a plastic chassis and be “a bigger and better phone” than the iPhone 7.

The source also said that Apple plans to make “a few phones” with “a lot more glass” for the first iPhone model.

We don’t know what the iPhone 9 will be like, but there are rumors that the device will have an “edge” to it, with an edge to the display and an edge around the camera, among other features.

There’s also speculation that the iPhone X will have “edge to the camera” and “edge around the rear” glass.

But what’s clear is that the company’s rumored first iPhone will be a premium phone with “more glass and a nicer finish,” and it will be one with a very similar design to the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 was rumored to have a 5.7-inch display, and we heard that the next-gen iPhone will have the same 5.5-inch screen as the iPhone SE, which will have some extra glass in the form of a “nail-polish” on the display.

The new iPhone will also have a much higher-resolution display, but with a bigger bezel, so it will look much larger than the next iPhones.

In terms of screen size, the rumor was that the screen size would be 5.3 inches, but it was later confirmed that it was actually 6.2 inches, which means the iPhone will come in at a bit more than 7 inches.

Apple is preparing to unveil the next iPhone model in early September, but its not clear what that means for…

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