A $100,000 gift card could be the key to unlocking your iPhone 6s phone

Fox News contributor Craig Timberg recently reported on an iPhone 6 device he had purchased from an eBay store for $100.

However, he found out that there were some features that could only be unlocked with a $100 gift card.

Read moreApple announced a new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus model at the end of February.

While it was advertised as the “ultimate mobile phone” with all the latest features, including the iPhone 6S Plus, it only had 3G data and was limited to only 5GB of storage.

Timberg said the iPhone had a price tag of $1,000 and that there was an unlimited storage feature that only unlocked the iPhone’s screen.

The iPhone 6 was advertised with 256GB of internal storage and was advertised for $499, but the online sales listings of the device showed that the device would be priced at $999, so Timberg’s experience was not completely accurate.

The $100 Apple gift card he had received from eBay, which was for his purchase of a $50 Apple watch, also came with a free upgrade to the iPhone.

He posted a video to YouTube on Friday showing the difference between the phone he bought and a $10,000 Apple watch he was going to purchase with the $100 iPhone 6.

He showed off a screen with the iPhone screen size and he used an iPhone 7 Plus to show off the new features of the phone.

In addition to the screen, the iPhone included a fingerprint scanner, dual cameras, wireless charging, wireless headphones, and a 3G network with a 3,000mAh battery.

He added that he had to use an Apple Pay card to buy his iPhone 6, but he was able to use it with a credit card.

Timbs post is a very popular one on the site, with over 7 million views.

Apple has said that there are no plans to offer the $10 million iPhone 6 or $100 credit card for the iPhone 7.

However Apple has confirmed that it will be working with banks and retailers to enable this feature.Read More

Fox News contributor Craig Timberg recently reported on an iPhone 6 device he had purchased from an eBay store for…

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