Phone accessories pouch to be available in Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon

An Israeli-made phone accessory pouch will be available to Israeli citizens, Palestinians, and other non-Israelis as part of a wider promotion, a Tel Aviv-based company said Monday.

The company, whose product line includes phones, laptops, and portable chargers, said that the new accessory pouch, which will be made in the Israel-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, will be in stock by the end of June, and will be sold by a limited number of retailers and online stores.

The pouch will include a small pocket for a phone or other electronic device, a phone holder, a charger cable, a case, and an adapter for the phone.

It will also include a power cord, two spare cords, a micro-USB cable, and a charging cable.

The product will cost $19.99 for the regular pouch, $39.99 in the special pouch, and $69.99 with the special accessory pouch.

The new pouch will not include a SIM card, the company said, but it will include an extra battery.

“Israelis have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase their own accessories for years,” said Shira Gold, founder and CEO of the company, which also sells the popular Zomato app.

“Our product will allow them to do so.”

The company also said it will work with Israeli authorities to provide “free, secure, and legal” services to customers, including providing them with a service phone number and email address.

The Palestinian Authority has said that it is ready to implement a “regime change” in the West Bank as long as Israel’s status as a Jewish state is maintained.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has not signed a peace agreement with Israel since 2012, and Israeli officials have said that they do not intend to renew the agreement unless a new Palestinian state is created.

The decision by the Israeli government to begin making phone accessories available to Israelis, Palestinians and other groups comes as Israel prepares to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reported earlier this month that a new Israeli phone accessory manufacturer will launch a product line of its own.

The company is currently making accessories for iPhones, Android phones, and Samsung phones.

An Israeli-made phone accessory pouch will be available to Israeli citizens, Palestinians, and other non-Israelis as part of a wider…

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