Why the Japanese phone accessories company is selling out

Japan’s largest phone accessory maker has sold out of its $300,000 range of Japanese phones, including its flagship SONY MEX-5 phone, following an onslaught of demand for its crazy phone accessories.

The company, which makes phone accessories for Sony and Samsung, has had to turn to selling off its $1.6m line-up of accessories for its latest flagship phone, the SONY-MEX-M2.

The line-ups include a large number of phones with the familiar Xperia logo and the MEX logo, but also a variety of bizarre and unusual designs, including a “Crazy Phone” phone with a skull and crossbones and a “Dance Dance Revolution” phone that features a “Silly Cat” on the back.

The bizarre phone is the second of its kind to be sold out in Japan.

The first, the Samsung Galaxy S6, sold out nearly six months ago.

It was originally released in June last year and was aimed at high-end smartphones, but its design was heavily criticised for its overly complex and cartoonish design.

The Galaxy S7 is also currently on sale in Japan, but has only sold out since mid-November.

The S7 had a more “traditional” design that was more in line with the original design.

The SONY Xperia-M5 is the latest addition to the bizarre line-list, and comes with a range of different accessories.

It includes a strange, high-resolution, 5-inch display for the phone and a camera module that comes with it, along with the usual accessories for the S-series phones.

There are also special phones that include stickers for the handset, a phone case, and a phone charger.

There are also some odd phones in the $300m range, including the M2 and S-MX.

But, unlike the other weird phones, the M-series has only been on sale for a few months.

The M2 was released in July last year, and sold out before the end of the month.

The phone is now sold out, although it was only available at a discount for a week before the sale began.

The $300 phone, however, is still available, although at a significantly lower price.

The phones that have been selling out are the M3, M5, and M6.

The last of the three was sold at a huge discount to Sony last month.

This phone is also only available in Japan for a limited time.

The M-5 was launched in March, with a price tag of $399.99.

Sony was keen to sell the phone, but only made it available for a short period of time.

However, after it sold out at the end the company quickly took back its pre-order price.

The new phone, which has a 5- inch screen and a Snapdragon 801 processor, will be available on the Sony Xperia website from September.

The phone was designed by Hiroyuki Hirano, a Japanese designer who is best known for designing the iconic phone designs for the likes of HTC, Motorola, and LG.

He was the designer of the original SONY Galaxy S series phones, which are among the most popular phones in Japan at the time.

Hirano is also the designer behind the wildly successful Xperia S-line, which features the S5 and S6 smartphones, the Xperia XZ, the XA-series, and the Xperia M line.

He also designed the flagship Xperia M3 smartphone, which was released last year.

The company has said that it will release an “exact successor” to the M5 in the next year, but hasn’t yet said when.

Japan’s largest phone accessory maker has sold out of its $300,000 range of Japanese phones, including its flagship SONY MEX-5…