A mother’s love of smartphones, mom’s obsession with phones

CORK: A mother with a love for smartphones has been making phone calls and sending texts for years.

Melissa Henson is one of thousands of parents who are turning to technology to keep their kids safe, but the mum’s obsession isn’t new.

“I use it just for watching the kids play, I don’t use it for texting,” she said.

“We’ve just started to realise it’s just another part of our lives and if you’re not using it, it’s not the same.”

Melissa Hensley and husband Brian bought a phone at a local hardware store and installed it into their son’s phone.

They started sending texts to each other and the phone connected to their house network.

Ms Henson said she had started using it at home because her kids could see her hands, and they didn’t have to get out of the car to call her.

“We are very conscious of being safe,” she says.

“It’s a way for us to keep an eye on each other.”

The couple started using their phone at home last year, and now Ms Hensington uses her smartphone for work and for schoolwork.

Ms O’Keefe said her children were more aware of their surroundings when she was out, and their smartphone use also improved when she wasn’t home.

“If we were in the car, our children were doing more texting and playing, and we were distracted a lot,” she explained.

“So, that’s what we’re trying to change.

We’ve tried to keep it as safe as possible.”

She said the technology was also a way to keep track of the kids and their activities.

Ms Murchison said the phones were a way of giving her and her family a sense of control over their lives.

“There’s always a chance of something going wrong, so it’s always good to have a plan,” she told ABC News.

“When it’s your turn to talk to your child, you have that option.”

She says she’s not worried about her phone’s ability to connect to her kids’ phones, but it could be harder for her and others who have used it for work.

“Our kids know we’re using it for things we need to do,” Ms Mummison said.

“But when you’re doing it for business, there’s more of a chance someone else will use it.”

The phones can connect to the internet, but some parents are worried that they may not be able to get their kids to use it.

“My son loves his iPhone and has a lot of it,” Ms Oherkes said.

”He’ll get a text from me and send it back and I’ll have a text back and get it.

“What we’ve found is that if we can connect it to our home network, we don’t have any problems at all.” “

For some of the things we’re doing with it, we can’t do it at work because it’s locked,” she added.

“What we’ve found is that if we can connect it to our home network, we don’t have any problems at all.”

The parents have been using the devices at home for a few months and are keen to continue using them for work, but are worried about the security of the devices.

“The problem we have is the security.

It’s not as secure as I’d like it to be,” Ms Hentsley said.

She said she also worries about privacy.

“People can see your phone, they can see you and what you’re talking about,” she pointed out.

“That’s the main thing.

That’s really important.”

The Hentsleys bought the phone from a store and have since installed it in their home.

Ms Yentons husband has also used the devices, and is not worried by their security.

“He’s got a new phone, so he hasn’t really changed his habits,” she explains.

Ms Tomsh’s daughter, Sarah, is a computer science student at St John’s College in Brisbane.

She has been using her iPhone for more than a year, but is still using her mother’s phone for work as well.

“In the past year, my phone has become less and less secure,” she reported.

“A lot of the stuff I need to talk about has not been encrypted, and if there’s something I want to send that needs to be encrypted, I just have to use my mom’s phone and send them to her.”

The phone can connect wirelessly to her phone network, but she said she was concerned about how secure the device was.

“How secure is the connection between my phone and my laptop, and then how secure is it between my laptop and my computer?” she said, adding that her phone has not worked with her laptop since she bought it.

CORK: A mother with a love for smartphones has been making phone calls and sending texts for years.Melissa Henson is…