How to get a barbie phone without the batteries

The Japanese smartphone is back in the limelight.

While there are still plenty of great phones on the market, the new Nokia 10 is a truly impressive handset with impressive specs, a new style and a new name.

What you need to know about the Nokia 10:The Nokia 10 has a 5.7-inch, 1080p, Gorilla Glass 3 display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

It weighs just 1.3kg (2.1lb) and comes with a 13-megapixel camera on the back, along with a 4.7mm headphone jack.

It has a 13MP main camera with a f/1.7 aperture, and the front-facing 5MP camera is also f/2.4.

It comes with an 8,800mAh battery, which will keep the phone charging for around 12 hours when used with a micro USB charger.

The phone has an IP68 water resistance rating of up to 3 metres and a dust and water resistant rating of IP65.

Nokia says the Nokia 5 also meets the standards.

Its camera is a new one from Nokia, which Nokia says can capture 360° video, but I’m not sure about that.

The Nokia 7, released in 2016, has a 6-inch 1080p display and a Snapdragon 801 processor.

The Nokia 10 also has a Snapdragon 808 processor and 16GB of memory, while the Nokia 7 has 4GB of storage.

The phones both have a 5MP main sensor, but the Nokia 8’s main camera is f/3.2, while on the Nokia 11, the main camera features f/5.0.

There is also a new sensor, f/0.7, which is also used for selfies and other video-capturing purposes.

The main sensor has optical image stabilization, which gives the Nokia 9 an edge in this area.

The camera on both the Nokia 13 and the Nokia 16 is f/+0.8.

The latter is used for videos.

Both have a dual-camera setup.

The front- and back-facing cameras are both f/4.5, while there is a f1.8 aperture.

Nokia has said that the Nokia 14, which was released in 2018, is also capable of shooting video.

It’s a 13.3-megapixels main camera, with f/7.1 aperture, along a 4MP front camera.

Nokia claims the front camera can record 720p at 30fps.

The rear camera has f/8.0 aperture, while a 3MP rear camera is on the front.

Both cameras have optical image stabilisation, which allows for a clear, even image, and it also offers a good level of autofocus.

It’s good for selfies, as the front image stabiliser makes the front of the Nokia device more readable than it is in other smartphones.

The battery is a 2,300mAh, which should last around 12-hours when used for video calls.

The phone also has 64GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded with microSD cards.

The battery life has been reported to be around 15-20 hours, depending on the usage.

The Lumia 1020 is a dual SIM, 4G-only device.

It has a 3,100mAh battery and comes in three colors: Black, Grey and Rose Gold.

The smartphone comes with Nokia’s new Music app, which lets you listen to music through your phone’s speakers.

The new Nokia 15 is a 4G smartphone with LTE connectivity.

The latest Nokia phones also come with NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC Smart, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, and NFC Reader.

The Windows 10 Mobile operating system is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, and is available for purchase from Microsoft’s online store.

Windows 10 Mobile is the first Windows phone operating system to run on ARM chipsets.

It also has Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 9.7.

It is available on Windows 10, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.5 devices.

The software is available to download in the Windows Store, and Nokia has released an update for Windows 10 for free.

It includes the following improvements:The phone comes with Microsoft’s new Cortana assistant, which helps you manage your life and get information from other devices.

It can also give you help with common questions.

You can ask Cortana to read your email and make phone calls, for example.

The voice assistant is powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, along wth 64GB RAM and 16/32GB of onboard storage.

The Lumia 10 has the same processor as the Lumia 15, and comes bundled with the Lumia 13, but with a slightly smaller battery.

The main camera on Nokia 10s is a 5 megapixel main sensor.

Nokia’s main lens is f1:1.0 and the rear

The Japanese smartphone is back in the limelight.While there are still plenty of great phones on the market, the new…