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Trump is not the first to claim that the phones were a “Trojan horse” and a “scam” to sell iPhones.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a ruling in 2016, and the Trump administration has repeatedly pointed to the phones as a reason to shut them down.

“We know they’re a scam,” Trump said during a campaign rally in September.

“They’re a Trojan horse.”

The U,S.

Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have also argued that the devices infringe on smartphone patents.

The Federal Trade Commision, which oversees patent enforcement, has asked Apple to remove all iPhone and iPad devices from the marketplace.

In October, a judge in California dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had sued Apple for patent infringement.

The ruling did not address the iPhone itself, but the fact that the case centered on the iPhone’s use in a mobile phone charger, which is similar to the device in the lawsuit.

In the same filing, Apple said it was “pleased to hear the Commission’s views on the use of the iPhone as a mobile charger in this case.”

Apple has denied the claims in the new complaint, but in a statement to The Verge, it said it “rejects the allegations that the iPhone is a ‘Trojan Horse’ and is a fraudulent device to be used for unlawful purposes.”

In response to the ruling, Apple and other tech companies have been working to make iPhones compatible with chargers, and they’ve launched a program to help customers build their own.

The company’s App Store currently has over 10,000 apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple is also offering to sell its products on third-party websites, which allows people to sell their iPhones without being a member of Apple’s exclusive Apple Store network.

“The FTC and the Department of DOJ will continue to aggressively enforce our patent law and will continue its commitment to ensure consumers have access to products and services they need,” the company said in a press release.

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Trump is not the first to claim that the phones were a “Trojan horse” and a “scam” to sell iPhones.The…